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How to download and use Moviestarplanet cheats?

free unlimited vip accounts, starcoins and diamonds

The first thing you’ll have to do is to obviously have theĀ MovieStarPlanet cheats tool and let it update automaticly with the latest version so that it’s fully working and perfectly safe. Make sure to be in one of the Operating Sytems that support the hack. Which are listed respectively ahead :
-Windows ( XP , Vista and 7 )
-Linux ( Ubuntu Only )

2nd – Set upNow, make sure you are logged in into your MovieStarPlanet account! Keep in mind that all countries are supported so it doesn’t matter where you are from, it will work! Once you are logged into your moviestarplanet account and you are under one of the supported browsers just choose what you want to be added up to your account!

3rd – How to enable VIP and add Starcoins/DiamondsAfter setting up, just choose what you want to be added up to your account from the down slide menu on each of the options. Make sure to choose in which browser you are on : ( Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera and Firefox ) , those are the supported as of now.

4th – Click to HackHow easy is that? You are almost done, just press the button “Click to Hack” and you are good to go. Now the tool is accessing our Virtual Private servers and requesting them to add up your Diamonds/Starcoins or enabling the VIP on your account, whatever you chose. Keep in mind that you are perfectly secure since this is all being done with the a background private proxies. We buy new Private Proxys and maintain a Virtual Private Server which sends all the data from you, ( your requests ) to the Moviestarplanet servers. It is crucial to have this otherwise the hack will stop working. The Private Proxys bought are top notch, quick proxys in order to make the proccess quicker and safer. The user is completely safe, and every changes occured in the accounts aren’t logged by the moviestarplanet Hack, making you completely untracable and safe. Meaning, you are 100% safe and unbannable! So, what are you waiting for?

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