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How Moviestarplanet hack became a reality?

The MovieStarPlanet Hack was a tool developed with the intentions to get my kid to have some free, and not over-priced fun online! I was constantly being bugged with his requests to get him VIP membership. Therefore, since I have a long time experience on this subject I decided to do my best and see if I could get him this so-called MSP VIP membership. It took me over two weeks of intense research and studying of all the MovieStarPlanet API, basically how everything worked to make sure I could get him everything without any possible security breakouts/detections. Either way, without all this technical talk I basically made him a brand new, never made before tool which could get him VIP for free and with a little plus of unlimited StarCoins and Diamonds.

I must say, I thought I could never do it, but it turned out to be way easier than I thought. What happens is, that I got access through some vulnerabilities on the MSP servers to their database, and in this database they store every StarCoins, Diamonds and VIP attached to your account, what this hack allows you to do is to access via a virtual private server which I maintain with the surveys profit and also purchase private proxies which maintain you completely secure and private to the MovieStarPlanet servers, and therefore change or enable VIP to your account with the StarCoins and Diamonds added up as well. It can take around 1 minute to 3 minutes depending on your internet connection and the number of users hacking at the same time, so if I’d give out the Moviestarplanet hack without any survey, everyone would start using it and it wouldn’t be possible to maintain so many requests at the same time while everything would be perfectly secure and working. Surveys can be boring, but they are the only way and of course the smartest way to do it, on this occasion. Think about it this way, I need to keep a virtual private server that costs at least $50 a month and I must buy every month around 100 private proxies which cost around $200 per month and each month it keeps adding up with more users using it every time, so please don’t complain to much, imagine yourself in my position and what would you do? I am not charging anything for my development and I know for sure this could sell out for a lot more!

Either way, I want you to have some fun and that’s the main reason I am sharing this with the public and not letting it private to my own kid…And I forgot to say that I must always keep updating the tool while it get’s patched over and over again every month. I made it, with the help of a couple of friends this tool super user-friendly and amazingly easy to use, even I myself am surprised how it turned…So, what are you waiting for? Download the MovieStarPlanet Hack today!
Are you having any difficulties using the Moviestarplanet hack, if yes, please check the instructional video below, or click here to check the instructions?

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