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Have you ever used Moviestarplanet hacks?

This question has long crushed me and my friends because i have seen some new players who have a lot of diamonds or coins in their Moviestarplanet account. I wonder how much money they spend on these resources when they can be received for free if you know a few tricks.

How to get diamonds and coins as you blink? The first solution is a less effective one from the point of view of the number of diamonds or coins. Find some vouchers on the forums that you can enrol in the site, which will then credit your resources to your Moviestarplanet account. Well, not many sites offer good codes or most of the time, they are already being used and you will waste your time introducing them.

The second solution is quite common among friends or buddies. Suppose you’ve made a few friends who invest pretty much in Moviestarplanet and you’re a beginner and you can not afford to invest for the moment. It’s possible that one of the friends you’ve added will come up with a good idea to buy a VIP package for you to transfer it to your account. Beware, it can not be sold but can only be used on the account that was received. So, if this miracle happens to thank you to your colleague and in the future returns the favour :).

The latest and easiest solution to receive diamonds, coins or MSP VIP subscriptions is to use this hacks and cheats. As you know, our site has long been an easy solution to generate resources for your Moviestarplanet account without too many headaches, using cheats. You do not have to be afraid because many players use this to succeed. Our software is updated weekly and you are protected from any penalty in the game. In other words, your Moviestarplanet account will not suffer if hacks are used. The only thing you need to know is that you only have to use one once a day or two days the hack to be safe. If you abuse tools, your account may be closed for a certain period of time.

If you wish, take also a look at LDShadowLady to see how she is playing. Here is the video.

That’s what it was for today, if you know some tricks that can be used on, let us know. Cheers!

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